Monday, April 21, 2014

The Road to Suburbia

Last weekend was the big move for the Legris family. I had been looking for homes online for months and when we saw this one, we knew this was a place we could grow into, and even stay a few years after residency. Possibly buy if we end up loving it here. We figured renting for at least 3 more years was a smart move for us. Not exactly sure where Justin will end up working and it would be nice to buy close to where he works and plan on staying! :)  Plus, I continue to see friends buy and then have things to fix and replace, etc, etc. No big deal I think if you have the money saved up to do so. However, we don't. We just barely squeaked by in medical school the past 4 years. So being smart about our future is now the name of the game. Loans to pay off after residency, and catch up time on retirement. We are continuously thankful for this road through medical school and the help we have received along the way. God is good and faithful.

Anyhoo....Suburbia! LOVE it! I like the well kept neighborhoods. The people outside with their family's playing basketball, or working on their yards. The kids playing in backyard. I like the noise and the silence. It feels a little slower in south Olathe, calm, people just living, taking care of their family's. The highways are all very close so getting around KC still isn't a big deal. However, we do drive further, so the days I don't have to get out I don't to save some gas $.

The house I LOVE! We moved into the Merriam duplex 2010 for a 6 month old. Ready for Justin to start school and us to be fairly close to KU med. 900 square feet was fine with one little baby. 2.5 kids later, we were busting at the seams for a bigger place. The kids need to run, a lot. I needed to be in a different room from them at times during the day, hah! It was good for the time, but this is exactly what we have been hoping for and wishing for. A place to call home, with space for play, relaxation, and outside fun. It's a fairly new place, and the only thing at the moment I would change would be new carpet. That too will come someday when we buy our first home. This is more than we could wish and ask for right now. No one is entitled to anything in this life, and I will continue to remind myself and family of that. Our time here is only for a period. Things, nice houses, cars, etc, yeah they are nice, and fun. God wants us to enjoy the beauty around us. But I also believe you can't put much stock in it, and it certainly shouldn't be what makes you happy. You never know what life brings and where it takes you, but the one constant is love. The family god has blessed us with is best gift in this life.

So here we are onto the next step in our story. Justin starting residency as a family doctor, and a growing family with new baby boy due in July. Thankful isn't even a strong enough word to express my heart. There are no words to the joy and appreciation I have in my soul. It is good.

Here's a few pics of the house and starting our daily routine here :)

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  1. I love the suburbs too! Never thought I'd like it so much. Glad to hear you have more space!